01 Handmade Soaps Sun-Fan team can help you to
design your own products distinctively.
The pursuit of hight quality is our core philosophy.
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02 Scented Candles You Can Easily Customize The Styles You Need. 03 Reed Diffusers You Can Trust Our Delivery & Service.

Buy & Wholesale Scented Candles, Room Reed Diffusers, Natural Handmade Soaps - Professional Scented Candles OEM Factory

As a professional household Factory, we produce Scented Candles, Reed Diffusers, Handmade Soaps and more. We are established in May 2012, located in Xiamen, a beautiful sea garden city in China. The company has an advanced R & D laboratory in the industry, and a team of designers from various art colleges across the country. The scented candles in Sun-Fan self-designed products are rich in appearance. And the natural plant essential oils exude a pleasant fragrance, which has the effects of soothing nerves, purifying the air and eliminating odors. The 100000 - level dust-free workshop ensures the safety and hygiene of the product, and automated technological process is an important guarantee for productivity increase.

A Partner In Your Scented Projects


We have our own factory and design team to produce scented candles


For flavor, we have professional perfumers and our flavor supplier is CPL flavor, symrise.


We can provide OEM and ODM services for you and your customers.


Fast 3D modeling and sample support

Scented Candles Featured

Creative dry flower scented candles with lid custom logo


High quality luxury private label glass jar scented candle with lid


Design custom scented candles in gift box private label home decoration


Personalized custom luxury soy wax scented candles in coloured glass jar scented candles private label love


Scented soya wax candles in white frosted glass luxury aromatherapy scented candle gifts


Wax cone-shaped decorative candles soy black scented candles with gift box

Oyster Shell Soy Wax White Label Scent Candle With Lid


Wax Nordic Scent Making Material Soy Candle

Soy Wax Scent Metal Lid Light Aromatherapy Candle Custom Package


Soy Candle Maker Machine Wax Melter Small Light Bulb Birch


Soy Luxury Manefacture Flicker Flame Scent Candle In Candl


Warmer And Food Candle Wax For Personalize Candle Supplier


Warmer Soy Wax Melt Taper Ceramic Jar Scent Candle


Fancy Tea Oil Scent Candle With Gem Wax Making Supplies


Aromatherapy Cup Organic Positive Energy Soy Scent Candle Wax


Soy Candle Maker Machine Wax Melter Small Light Bulb Birch


Unique Warmer Fragrance Oil Luxury Spring Cheap Wholesale Flowers Reed Diffuser


Air Freshener Bedroom Dry Flower Aromatherapy Essential Oil


Luxury Amber Dried Oil Scent Reed Hebei Gift Set Fragrance Diffuser


Crystal Reed Diffuser Luxury Empty Glass Bottle


200ml Preserved Flower Fragrance Diffuser


Eternal Floating Flowers Without Fire Aromatherapy Fragrance Plant Decoration Ins Gifts


50ml Reed Diffuser Custom Scent Silver Amber Bottle Double Glass Packaging Silver Amber Bottle


Costom Logo Air Freshener Glass Reed Bottle Diffuser Essential Oil Diffuser


100 ML Reed Diffuser Fragrance Refill Luxury Gift Box


Bottle Luxury Car Fragrance Reed Diffuser With Stopper Base


Interior scented Decoration Led Lights Unique Modern Christmas Table Decoration Lights


Ceramic Aromatherapy Bottle Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Bottle Reed Diffuser Bottle


Reed Pink Home Fragrance Aroma Ceramic Flower Box Packaging Luxury Diffuser


Scented Candle Glass Jar Promotional Gift Hot


100ml Glossy Gray Glass Bottle Diffuser For Home


Reed Diffuser High-end Hotel Flameless Aromatherapy Oem Customized Spot Quick


Handmade Soaps Featured

Candles Fabrication Process


Product and Factory Certification


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