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New household products, detonate incense candle industry, what is the mystery behind it?

Recently, the whole network is called “Shang Fan” Chinese home brand strong dominate the screen.As soon as its new incense candle was launched, it detonated the market of the whole incense industry, not only many web celebrity bloggers to grow grass, but also designers, sculpture artists, professional incense artists and other professionals are also full of praise.

At present, the most popular among consumers is Shangfan can customized special-shaped incense candle products.Shang Fan has a professional candle designer and incense master.The cooperation of the two teams can not only realize the customized services of the products, but also cover the consumer needs of different ages, truly meeting the individual needs of personal and family fragrance.
Compared with the same kind of incense products, what is Shangfan different?Why is it so hot?And why can harvest many consumer recognition and praise?What are the mysteries?Let’s take a look!


According to Mr.Brand founder, designer Wang Jiuming, Shangfan Home was established in 2012, rooted in the incense industry for more than 10 years, and has a professional biological laboratory and design and development room in the industry.At present, the product has a good reputation in the international market, and the repurchase rate is very high, mainly there are the following three reasons:

1. Large product demand and obvious advantages.An epidemic sweeping the world has pushed household goods to their highs, and incense candles have become a daily demand for public life, and market demand is growing rapidly.In addition, Shangfan incense series products are different from the traditional incense, the use of pure natural soybean wax as raw materials, and mixed with the plant essence has the characteristics of environmental protection, smoke-free, long-lasting and mellow.Secondly, it has the auxiliary effect of soothing nerve, nourishing beauty and activating cells, to make people feel comfortable.That’s why it is so popular.

2. Strong product efficacy, and a wide range of application and population.Through massage, inhalation, hot compress and fumigation, the aromatic essential oil (also known as plant essential oil) is quickly integrated into the human blood and lymph fluid, which can accelerate the metabolism in the body, promote the regeneration of living cells, enhance the body immunity, and then adjust the human nervous system, circulation system and endocrine system.Incenfume is an alternative kind of art of wearing, women without fragrance is like coffee without sugar, light and tasteless.The highest state of incense is the unity of body, heart and spirit (Body, Mind, Spirit).Fragrant smoked essential oil is mostly extracted from the fruits, flowers, leaves, roots or seeds of plants, and has antibacterial, sterilization and detoxification effects. Heating it for about half an hour can reduce the number of bacteria in the air.

3.Rich product line, and are daily rigid needs.In addition to the incense series of products launched by ShangHome, there are also essential oil, hand sanitizer, essential oil soap, handmade soap and other essential products, to ensure the full range of the daily health needs of the public.

Of course, the success of an enterprise is multifaceted.In addition to these core elements, such as efficacy and quality, there and other trends are also very important.In today’s era, the rise of social e-commerce, Shangfan Home also keeps pace with The Times, with new products to constantly improve the sales channels, online and offline comprehensive coverage, which all contribute to the popularity of Shangfan brand products.
With the popularity of Shangfan products, it is also getting more and more attention from many consumers.At the same time, more and more consumers have also become the partners of Shang Fan due to the unique design, reliable quality, after-sales guarantee and other factors, and have changed from self-use to dealers.
In the future, Shang Fan will continue to deeply cultivate the home fragrance industry, adhering to the ingenuity and original intention, with high quality, more abundant products, let a healthy life into every family.At the same time, Shang Fan will also actively boost the development and upgrading of the industry, and promote the steady development of the health industry.

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